Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear Jon, I'm sorry.

Dear Jon,

I'm sorry.

I've given you a bit of a hard time over the last year, and made more than a few snide comments at your expense. I've also given credit where credit is due, but I've looked on all your actions with a suspicious eye.

I didn't trust that the rich, loving legacy of Archie was safe under your guidance. Like most rabid fanboys, I like to assume I know better than the people who are actually setting the course for our favourite characters.

What folly.

After reading "Life With Archie"#1 (which I reviewed in obsessive detail for First Comics News) it has become clear that you are, in fact, the right person to be ushering Riverdale into the 21st century.

Everything about the magazine and it's contents show a real desire to make Archie more relevant without sacrificing the heart and soul of the characters. I was touched more than once reading the issue; so many moments carry an emotional resonance that the average person wouldn't expect from an Archie comic.

It's clear to me now that you have a great overview of Archie and the principles that have guided the company for over 70 years. And why wouldn't you? I grew up with Archie figuratively, but you grew up with Archie literally. Combined with your creative business and publishing ideas it truly seems tha we're embarking on a new Golden Age of Archie.

The full-court press for Hollywood glory has concerned me, but seeing the gentle way more mature themes are being woven into the tapestry of Archie without betraying the characters reveals a careful, well realized long-term vision taking shape.

Wherever you steer Archie in the coming months I'll follow, oh Captain my Captain.

Between yourself, Nancy, Victor, Mike and all the amazing creators who contribute to the Archie universe I can sleep well at night knowing that my beloved are in good hands.

Congratulations on the stunning achievement that is "Life With Archie", and everything you and Nancy have accomplished in the last year.

With enormous respect,


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