Saturday, May 29, 2010

Marking A Milestone

I rarely talk about single issues of Archie here, I really prefer to specialize in the Digests with a particular focus on the Double Digests, but it seems an event has transpired that is a major milestone that deserves, nay, demands to be recognized by any serious Archie aficionado.

I like to guess how Archie's story-lines and publishing strategy will play out, and even though my record is pretty good I am sometimes surprised. I was blown away by the announcement of the twin "Archie Love Betty" and "Archie Loves Veronica" series (here), but when the Archie/Valerie romance was announced I dismissed it as merely another stunt issue to keep pursuing a resurgence of traditional newsstand sales (here).

When Kevin Keller was announced I wished that Archie Comics hadn't mentioned he was gay, since there was no indication of this on the cover, and simply let it be part of the story (here). It seemed to me that any big storyline would forever more be spoiled by advanced solicitations.

Today is when I eat some humble pie. I can be a little arrogant about Archie sometimes (no, really), and I've officially been knocked down a peg.

The Archie/Valerie romance that plays out in Archie #608-609 is a real, tangible turning point for our characters on the same level as Luke finding out who his Daddy is. This is far from the throw-away story I had assumed it would be where everything returns to status-quo at the end.

This isn't a typical Archie romance story. This isn't about Mr. A. going cartoon ga-ga over a new babe in town. There are no shenanigans (except from Alex and Alexandra Cabot, but more on that later), no scheming and deceptions.

This is a story of your first real, deep love. The one that hits you unexpectedly; when you look at someone you've looked at a hundred times before, but suddenly there's electricity between you.

This is also the story of a romance based on integrity, respect and cooperation. Much of the first issue is spent following Alex trying to screw the Archies and get the Pussycats top billing on what was supposed to be an equally-billed tour. This gives ample opportunity for slapstick Archie humour, but it serves another purpose. It establishes that the Pussycats are more experienced in the music business, that both bands take the business of it seriously and act with integrity, and that while the Pussycats really function more as a unit, Archie is the Archies.

Integrity is a big theme in this story, maybe even the main theme.

What makes this story so important is that Archie is actually in love, truly and deeply, for the first time. After working late on a song together, Archie and Valerie have an almost unintentional good-night peck. Then each of them looks back at the other as they part company, and it's game over. Writer Dan Parent and artist Bill Galvan capture this moment when the spark ignites in a beautifully simple way, every bit as effective as a John Hughes movie. There is a gravity to this story that honestly shocked me.

Like when Fred pulls Archie aside and tells him he has to come clean with Betty and Veronica about what's happening, because it's clearly serious. Or when Betty puts it all together and realizes that Archie has actually finally chosen. Or how about Archie openly discussing the fact that him and Val are in love with Betty and Veronica? Big, epic moments, told in an intimate, simple and honest way.

Expect further stories involving this romance. I won't be surprised at all if a new hybrid band formed: Val didn't want to tour without Archie, Archie is the only one in his band that really takes it seriously and he gets along very well with Josie and Melody. Add to that the simple fact that every young "indie" band these days is co-ed (and yes, I know the Archies are co-ed, duh, but Betty and Ron are really in the background whereas if Archie joined the Pussycats he would be on equal footing with Josie), and it seems like we're heading towards a new musical phenomenon. Stop laughing, "Sugar, Sugar" was a huge hit.

The two issues together are a surprisingly touching and poignant story, which seems to have real consequences for the Riverdale crew.

Only time will tell, but this could be the first sign that the establishment of the New Reality of Jughead Continuity was simply a test case to see if ongoing continuity could be gently inserted into the existing Archie universe. Or perhaps we are going to see an epic reality-warping battle between Archie's New Continuity and Jughead's New Continuity, though that seems unlikely.

Most importantly of all though: With Betty fully accepting that Archie has moved on to his true love, Adam Chisholm finally has a clear shot.

Adam, make this one count. You're never going to get a better opening, and all your hard work will be for nothing if you let this one pass you by.

Archie's out of the way! Dude! The way I see it, there are three steps to you gaining Betty's heart and a slot in the second tier, and one major obstacle.

Step 1- Get an interest/identifier. Now. Having light brown hair and an interest in Betty isn't enough anymore, time to step it up. Yes, I know you've shown your ability in a number of sports, but who in Riverdale hasn't? Look how much more play Chuck gets now that he's a cartoonist. Find something interesting and at least a little unique and make sure you tell people about it.

Step 2- Get Hal onside. Hal's a smart guy, and I know for a fact he hasn't been all that thrilled with the way Ol' Arch has been treating his little girl. He already likes you a little, make him see that you'll treat Betty with the respect and thoughtfulness a certain Mr. Andrews rarely did.

Step 3- Be unrelenting in your quest for panel time. Seriously, get your face in every issue you can. Exploit every friendship, every acquaintance. Cultivate relationships with anyone who can get you in there. Seriously. If following Smithers around for a day under the guise of a "career shadowing" project will get you in the background of a panel, do it. Eye of the tiger, Adam, eye of the tiger.

And watch out for your biggest obstacle, and your most formidable challenge.

Dilton Doiley has been waiting far longer than you for Betty to give up on Archie, expect the full-court press.

Good luck Adam. You're going to need it.


  1. I just received my copies yesterday after waiting a long 6 weeks for them. I have been reading Archie every since I was 6 years old (I'm 23 years old now.) and actually just pulled out of a 10yrs Archie comics drought by seeing issues #608 and #609 of Archie and Valerie. I am a huge advocate for interracial dating on youtube and seeing Archie actually try out a love that was considered forbidden, even though I love Archie, this renewed my faith and total respect that I had for him.

    I must have read this comic 30 times since it came in the mail yesterday and I honestly cannot get enough of Archie and Valerie. I love these two and you explained into words how this comic made me feel. It was pure, it was romantic and it was REAL. It wasn't nothing fake or childishly unrealistically put together. This was REAL and what really actually made me tear up a bit was when Archie's Dad pulled him aside to tell him how much he approved and how great he thought Valerie was. In all the years that I have read Archie comices and the digiests...I don't think I have ever seen Mr. Andrews so approving of a girl or ANY girl for that matter that Archie brought home. But, Valerie was different and I am so inlove with these two because of how accepting everyone was with them.

    Of course, your have Veronica who can't get over herself (I can't stand her)thinking she can steal Archie away. Not this time and I don't think she ever will. I loved how Betty stopped Veronica from making a fool of herself at the end of #609. It was epic and I could feel what Archie felt when he told Valerie that he loved her.

    It was beautiful....