Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Screw You, Google Plus (Among Others)

My poor blog!

When I signed up for Google Plus, I deleted a photo album it automatically put on my profile of all my Archie images, and it deleted them all from my blog. With no warning box of any kind.


So my once beautiful blog has had the shit kicked out of it.

I've been wondering if I was even going to continue with it, to be honest. After working for Archie for a few months writing on their blog, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth.

My interactions with a specific person, we'll call him 'A', went from mildly insulting to terrible. The topper was having to basically beg for the money that I was owed. Double lame.

Someone needs to keep championing Adam Chisholm, I'm just not sure it's me.

I'm also rather unimpressed with what's happening at Archie right now. The lawsuit against Nancy Silberkleit smells fishy to me. I figured it was some kind of power struggle, one aimed at cutting Nancy off at the knees.

When Archie announced it was getting into bed with KISS, I figured this may be where a lot of problems stem from.

Gene Simmons isn't only one of the most repugnant people on the face of the Earth, he's also one of the most disgusting (and proudest) misogynists you can find. I wouldn't be surprised at all if a big part of the problem Nancy has had with the men of Archie is this deal.

And why the hell would Archie want to get involved with KISS? It's not like anyone cares about the band anymore, and for a company trying to overcome a stigma of sexism it seems like a stupid move.

Anyways, I'm sorry all the great Archie panels have vanished from here. Maybe this blog will continue, I really don't know yet, but it makes me rather sad that my past work has been compromised by Google Plus.

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  1. Sorry to hear that your time at ArchieCo did not turn out well. Even with all the cool stuff they are doing now, sounds like they still have their problems...