Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Identifying the third tier characters

Let's be clear about one thing: The gang's parents, with the exception of Mr. and Mrs. Mantle are second tier.

Raj Patel: The gang's Indian friend. An aspiring film maker, the gang travelled to India to visit his uncle, a video game developer.

Trula Twyst: One of the characters involved in the NRJC (more on that later). She has the ability to anticipate Jughead's every move, and foil any of his hijinx. Also has romantic designs on Jug.

Ginger Lopez: Latino friend, used sparingly and mainly as a foil to Betty and Veronica together. Her most striking feature is that she has a blonde streak in her hair.

Kumi: Recently introduced Japanese student, no last name given, no real personality traits aside from "does not speak English".

Googie Gilmour: Another character shaping the new reality of Jughead continuity. She lives next door to the new house the Jones' moved into. Her main identifier is her devotion to healthy eating, and her quest to get Jug to eat better.

Adam Chisholm: Of all the new continuity characters, Adam bears the closest scrutiny. For quite a while he has been an under the radar presence, competing for Betty with Archie. While it seemed for some time that he was somewhat disposable, he has recently been identified by Hal Cooper as a rival to Archie. His main identifier is brown hair.

Frankie Valdez: Popular "latino" character of the 60's and 70's. The quote are due to the fact that while he was identified as Latino, he was as white as everyone else in Riverdale. Depicted as a great skateboarder, and obsessive compulsive about his hair. Has been making a play for second tier lately with a lot of stories involving his musical prowess.

Maria Rodriguez: Girlfriend to Frankie Valdez, and again is a very white Latino character. Her main identifier seems to be that she is Frankie's girlfriend.

Brigitte: New continuity character with a strong singing voice, and often works with Frankie, which causes triangular tension with Maria. Dilton is smitten with her, and her main identifier is that she is, shall we say, "wide of hip"?

Anita Chavita: Paralyzed black character from the 80's, who has seen some recent action in reprints.

Raul and Claude Hopper: Archie's breakdancing buddies. More than one crime has been thwarted thanks to the remarkable "breaking" skills of Claude and Raul.

Kim Wong: Bland Asian character who has been making a play for regular continuity, to no avail. Set up once as a rival for Dilton, this quickly fizzled.

Tomoko Yoshida: Her main identifier was that her boyfriend (whose name I can't remember) wanted to play on the Riverdale baselball (or beseboru as we call it in Japan) team and needed Archie's help. Then Archie needed his help to get his grades up.

Ramon Rodriguez: Former vice principal of Riverdale High, and uncle to Maria Rodriguez.

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