Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More DNL

"Archie Goodbye Forever" Part 2, a DNL story.

The second part of this story is every bit as crappy as the first, but there are some interesting points.

Bert and Alice are being drawn 10-15 years younger than Fred and Mary, which is interesting. And Alice is totally hot, unlike Matron Mary. I'll be interested to see what other parents show up.

The art in general is kind of messedup. Archie really looks like he belongs in a twisted, far-right evangelical comic. Seriously. I like Moose, Midge and Dilton though. Ron looks pretty cool, Reggie doesn't, and I can't tell with Betty because she's all over-wrought all the time.

I'm not a fan of decompressed stories in Archie. It doesn't work. The story is long, like 28 pages, and it sucks. There's about four pages of Reggie being a douche about Archie moving, then breaks down and admits he will really miss him. That's two panels, maybe three. Not four pages.

In the first part Betty and Archie rambled on the six or seven pages about some picnic at some pond, and in this issue they decide to go back there for a picnic but it's all polluted and skungy. Archie, looking creepy as shit, decides he'll get his scout troop to clean it up. I wonder if this will in some way impact his father's new promotion?

There's also been more financial talk in this story than I would have thought, like Alice asking Betty if the Andrews would be OK financially without the promotion. They've really played this promotion of Fred's up as the opportunity of a life-time, and tons more money etc. I'm pretty sure some part of the resolution will echo Mr. Lodge's story in "My Father's Betrayal", and Fred will decide that a quality life with good friends is worth more than money.

There's also been a retarded amount of mention so far about Archie's clumsiness, so clearly that's going to play into it. Maybe he's going to fall into this pond, get really sick and Fred will find out his company is to blame. He can either blow the whistle or keep his job. Who knows?

This is all playing out behind the scenes of Betty's meltdown that I'm 100% convinced is derived from Twilight. In fact the last page is Archie in his bedroom window looking up and he has that vacant Robert Patinson thing going on. And since we're seeing him through a pane of glass at night he's all a grey/blue shade. An undead shade, if you will.

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